Amiga 600

The Amiga 600 was introduced in 1992 as the last Motorola 68000 CPU model to use the ECS chipset. using a redesign of the Amiga 500+, producing a more compact machine, with the added option of an internal hard disc and PCMCIA port.

Like the A500, the A600 was aimed to be a low-end Amiga, originally designed to be priced slightly cheaper than the A500 and as a stop gap to revitalize sales of the A500 line before the release of the A1200, however the end price resulted in it being more expensive than the A500 and therefore the name A600 was given, but originally the name planned was the A300.

The “A600HD” model was sold with either the option of 20 or 40 mb ATA internal 2.5″ hard disc.

The A600 was manufactured in Irvine, Scotland and was therefore the first Amiga model to be made in the UK.

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