STEM Learning

A learning philosophy, bringing together science, technology, engineering and mathematics

STEM is a learning philosophy, bringing together science, technologyengineering and mathematics, with a strong emphasis on improving competency in science and technology development. It includes a wide range of activities, to learn and inspire children and is the only accreditation that is nationally recognized by the curriculum here in the UK. If we take a look at the current educational climate and the STEM learning philosophy, then we can see how we are training and inspiring the minds of tomorrow to creatively think and solve problems in perfect symmetry, working with current and upcoming technology, in the modern world.

We have a deep understanding and insight into the vastly evolving STEM educational  landscape. Through our dynamic workshop formats, we offer practical investigations and discussions and we give children the chance to participate in hands-on science through investigations and enquiry-based learning, to equip them with the know how and skills to solve STEM related challenges that we may see in real life scenarios.

Our aim is to deliver inspiring workshop  experiences to children, we show them the importance of taking ownership of the projects they have created, by creating intelligent electronic products in all areas of STEM.

-Sinead Rocks, Head of BBC Learning

STEM Activies

If you were to ask teachers themselves what they were actively using in classrooms to encourage such a template of thought

We believe, we are the first in the UK to be able to cater for any school at this level of dynamic. We don’t run on a traditional set in stone format and we can dynamically structure the workshop format and frequency to suit your school. Due to the fact we have hundreds of machines to choose from, then this enables us to match just about any format or criteria you wish.