St Michael's Prep School Visit, Kent - 26 September 2019

St Michael's Prep School Visit, Kent - 26 September 2019

On Thursday, 26 September, we travelled to Sevenoaks in Kent to visit St Michael’s Prep School, the pupils engaged very well with the technology, giving them a glimpse of the past as well as the future with our array of technology we brought along.

An array of vintage tech included a 1970s Ferguson Videostar VHS recorder, 1980s video camera, ZX Spectrum, Sony Walkman, 1970s GPO telephone and Grandstands ‘Invader from Space’ handheld video game from 1980 to mention just a few
Our collection of hardware and tech spanned a 40 year timeline, from the earliest computing and gaming devices, right up to current VR and augmented reality.

So last Thursday I had the pleasure of having Gary at my school from The Code Show. What can I say? He was exceptional. Will defo be inviting him back. Look forward to seeing and speaking with you soon Gary . .

Gary takes the pupils through some vintage computer adverts from the 1980s and 1990s before they try out some early home computers
It wasn’t just the pupils that found our visit a fascinating experience, as teachers were taken down a nostalgic trip of tech down memory lane.

Cannot recommend Gary enough. His equipment and knowledge is brilliant and the way he engages and challenges the students is fantastic . .

Vintage hardware included 1970s typewriter, mechanical calculator from the 1960s, IMSAI 8080, Sharp MZ and CBM PET

All students thoroughly enjoyed his workshops and we look forward to inviting him back soon

Jamie Booth (Head of Computing), St Michael’s Preparatory School , Sevenoaks, Kent