Sphero is a spherical programmable robot. The current version being 2.0 and the SPRK model is available with a focus on academics due to its transparent design. It moves by rolling around, controlled by either smartphone or tablet running Android, iOS or Windows phone via bluetooth. The device is sealed and completely self-contained, giving it the ability to operate well in freezing water, working well in conjunction with bluetooth technology.

The device also comes equipped with an accelerometer and a gyroscope, meaning it can be used as a games controller and as a result, several apps and games have been developed for Sphero.

The whole focus behind Sphero is to work with the STEM curriculum and to learn and encourage a childs computational skills with a focus on coding instruction. Programming is given to the Sphero device via an app called Macrolab, this app includes a list of predefined macros that can be used, alternatively there is an app based on the classic BASIC programming language called orbBasic.

‘Sphero Edu’ is a resource and community toolset. As well as incorporating all elements of coding and computational thinking, the program also incorporates collaborate STEM workshop activities including technology and robotics with the whole emphasis of giving children encouragement and progression, to equip them for modern digital climate of today at the forefront of the makers revolution that we are now seeing unfold.

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