Sirus Academy North, Hull Visit - 20 November 2019

Sirus Academy North, Hull Visit - 20 November 2019

On Wednesday 20 November, we travelled to Hull, to visit staff and students at Sirus Academy North.

Gary McNab demonstrates Virtuali-Tee, an augmented reality app for full anatomy simulation

We all had a fantastic day celebrating Britain’s role in computing, the role of female scientists and British bedroom coders of the 1980s.

A selection of vintage telephones and mobiles, Panasonic Walkman, Invader from Space handheld video game, first generation Pentium CPU and the iconic Rubik’s Cube

The students all engaged well in a range of topics, all with a hands-on approach including augmented reality, STEM, computer history and vintage gaming technology.

A pupil tries out the Sinclair C5 from 1985, which we take on all our visits. What better way to demonstrate electric vehicles have history also before Elon Musk et al