Ian McNaught-Davis

Ian McNaught-Davis

Ian McNaught-Davis (30 August 1929 – 10 February 2014) was a British television presenter best known for presenting the BBC television series The Computer Programme, Making the Most of the Micro and Micro Live in the 1980s, programmes that were broadcasted by the BBC as part of the Computer Literacy Project.

The 1980s saw a revolution in computing. At the beginning, low cost ‘micros’ were a novelty; by the end they were almost everywhere. In the late 1970s the UK seemed woefully unprepared for the ‘new technology’. In business and industry, the silicon chip was changing ways of working.

By 1980 both government and the BBC saw the need for a public awareness and education campaign. The result was the BBC’s Computer Literacy Project which included the launch of the popular BBC Micro Computers

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