Cozmo Robot

Cozmo is a palm sized intelligent robot created by the San Francisco based company Anki. With a personality and a mind of his own, the more you play with him, then the more he learns with you and adapts to the environment around him. He will explore and remember things you show him as well as challenging you to games.

Inspired by the movie robot WALL-E and with a built in AI engine, we see the how the reality of the modern digital and robotic landscape has now evolved and with Cozmo, he aims to bring a source and joy and fun in a unique way, to deepen our relationships with technology in a unique way, somewhat mysterious and organic perhaps.

He is programmed with an emotion engine, so he can react to situations similar to that of a human. His creator Anki, programmed a vast range of nuanced personality displays and former Pixar animator Carlos Baena, was brought in to give Cozmo the authentic feeling of an animated film character come to life.

With sophisticated facial recognition functionality to help Cozmo recite faces and names, he also uses path planning to avoid falling off tables. Most of the heavy lifting is taken care with Ankis servers and communication takes place of via a mobile phone/tablet app is used in order to access high level robotics functions. With an active community of developers for this platform, then this is app of constantly being updated with new and exciting features.

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